Currency Rates Widget for a Website

We offer a free currency rates widget to be installed on your website. This widget is very useful since it allows the website’s visitors to see currency rates of the main currency pairs of Europe, Asia, and America on the foreign exchange market. The widget is incredibly easy to install on your website; you do not need to have any special skills. All you only need to do is to copy the provided code and paste it into the preferred part of your web page. The widget design may be changed to match your website's design; there's a variety of options for that.
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Currency Rates Widget for a Website

We present you a modern service for the web portals dedicated to finances and investments – a free currency rates widget for your website. widget allows you to place up-to-date information on the rates of the main currency pairs of Europe, Asia, and America on foreign exchange market on any website.

Widget installation process is incredibly easy; you only need to copy a simple code from this page and insert it into the right places on your website. You may also select the visual style of the widget that would match your web portal, and also the size and the color of the currency widget.

Free use with a guarantee of safe work of the currency rates widget is only possible under a few simple conditions;

The currency rates widget code on the website is kept intact;
Presence of an active link to in the widget code is necessary.

By placing this simple widget on your website, you promote additional interest in your website of your target audience. Moreover, installing our widget will bring more active target users interested in such information from the search engines to the website.