Dealing with an extreme level of the market volatility


Trading the Forex market is a very challenging task. Unless you know the proper way to manage your risk exposure, you are most likely to lose money. The pro traders always trade the market with managed risk. Even after knowing all the details of the market, you are most likely to face a series of losing trades. Losing or winning doesn’t really matter so long as you trade the market with managed risk. But how do you deal with the extreme level of market volatility? In this article, we are going to highlight some amazing steps which will help you to trade the extremely volatile market.

Start using price action signal

In order to trade the market in a higher time frame, you must learn price action trading strategy. Some of you might think you will be trading the lower time frame and make a quick profit from this market. But do you really think you can deal with the volatile market in the lower time frame? The simple answer is no. You have to rely on the longer time frame data to deal with such market conditions. Even after knowing all the details of the trading industry, the pro traders often struggle to find good trades. But this problem can be easily solved by using the price action confirmation signal. Just use simple logic and it won’t take much time to develop your skills as a retail trader.

Trade in favor of the trend

Those who are new to the trading industry always love to trade against the market trend. The pro traders at the best introducing broker Forex, never trade the market against the trend. The trend is your friend. Unless you know the perfect way to ride the market trend, you are most likely to lose money. Instead of using the lower time frame data, focus on the daily time frame. Try to use the simple trend line tools to find the key support and resistance level. Once you start trading with the market trend, the market volatility will never be a big problem.

Avoid trading the news

The market becomes extremely volatile just before high impact news. Those who are new to the trading industry often execute low-quality trades without even analyzing the important variables. Being a new trader you must avoid trading such a major news release since you never know the direction of the market trend. Stay in the sidelines and wait for the market dust to settle. Once everything goes in your favor, try to execute a trade with managed risk.

Learn from the experienced traders

The new traders are always making big mistakes since they don’t know the proper way to deal with the market trend. Being a new trader, you should learn to trade from the experienced traders. The experienced traders will give you clear guidelines to trade the market. If necessary, invest some money to learn from the experienced trader. Find a reliable course and try to learn to trade from scratch. Once you start to understand how this market works, dealing with the volatile market will become easier.


Leading your dream life based on currency trading profession is really easy. If you truly want to develop yourself as a professional trader you must learn to trade the volatile market. Instead of using an indicator based trading strategy try to use the raw price data as it will help you to make a better decision. It’s true that you will make many mistakes at the initial stage but consider it as your learning curve. Analyze your past trade results and find the faults in your trading strategy. Never try to trade this market with aggression after losing a trade. Embrace the losing trades and try to trade along with the market trend. Keep learning new things to become better at trading.

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