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Gazprom stock quote for today online


-0.49 (-0.22%)

Real time

Gazprom shares are sold today at the price of 218.14. The market has opened at a price of 220; today, the stock quote has reached a maximum of 220.08; the minimum price was 217.72 rubles per share. The daily change of the price amounted to -0.22%

Trends and chart of Gazprom stocks

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Gazprom shares are often called the "blue chips" of the Russian exchange market. Currently, these shares are regarded as the most popular and liquid on the Moscow Exchange. The trade of GAZP accounts for the 20% of the total trades on Moscow Exchange. Besides, Gazprom shares are represented on the London Stock Exchange as OGZD. Gazprom shares are also traded on Frankfurt and Berlin Stock Exchange.

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