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Gold remains neutral as negative sentiment takes a breather
Currencies take a breather ahead of risk events, stocks retreat
Currencies take a breather ahead of risk events, stocks retreat
Daily market outlook, December 10, 2019

Daily market outlook, December 9, 2019
GBPUSD runs to 8-month high; overbought near key resistance
Russian ruble is back at the 63.60 level: what’s next?

Oil prices slip as weak China exports highlights trade war impact
Weak data is the problem for USD or for the rest of the world?
Chart of the Day: GBPJPY
US employment data to dictate mood; OPEC can’t lift oil
Daily market outlook, December 6, 2019
USDCAD sellers retake control in a range bound market
Markets climb on hopes Trump is bluffing; pound soars
Daily market outlook, December 5, 2019
GBP broke through important levels. What’s next?
EUR/USD remains flat: what’s next?
GBPJPY bulls likely to keep control; descending trendline in focus
Markets rattled as Trump says “no deadline” for trade deal; gold jumps
Gold traders target yearly-highs as Trump tariffs risk stock market selloff
Daily market outlook, December 4, 2019
EURUSD: fall to trend line expected
EURGBP capped by 20-day SMA; short-term bias bearish-to-neutral
Dollar sinks on Trump tariffs and poor ISM PMI
Trade wars and weaker USD went to the agenda
EURUSD: correction expected before end of day
Daily market outlook, December 3, 2019
NZDUSD prints bullish inverse head and shoulder pattern