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World Bank Interest Rates (2)

Interest rates of banks in the world - this is perhaps one of the main government levers with which Central banks influence the basic economic indicators, both in their country and on the world currency market. Changes in interest rates by the US Federal Reserve, the ECB and the Bank of England have a special effect on the exchange rates of major currency pairs on Forex. Taking into account the monetary policy of the main countries is important when carrying carry trade and when making transactions on the Forex market with news trading strategies.
CountryBankNameValueLast meetingNext meeting
Bank of Russia
Key rate0.6%20.03.2020
European Central Bank
Deposit rate0%12.03.202030.04.2020
Federal Reserve System
Federal Reserve0.25%15.03.2020
Reserve Bank of Australia
Interest rate0.25%19.03.2020
Bank of Japan
Overnight target interest rate-0.1%16.03.202029.04.2020
New ZealandRBNZ
Reserve Bank of New Zealand
Interest rate0.25%16.03.2020
Bank of Switzerland
LIibor three-month interest rate range-0.75%19.03.202018.06.2020
Bank of Canada
Overnight target interest rate0.75%13.03.2020
United KingdomBOE
Bank of England
Interest rate0.1%19.03.2020

Publications of past meetings

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Interest rates of world banks are the most effective leverage by which central banks influence the current activity of inflation growth and the value of the national currency. Interest rates approved by the central banks of the world are one of the decisive factors that have an impact on the current rate of all currency pairs represented on the Forex market.

The easing of monetary policy by the state usually leads to an increase in business activity. Against this background, inflation is rising and the national currency is becoming cheaper. On the contrary, the increase in current interest rates by the Central banks of the world, contribute to lower domestic business activity, lower inflation and leads to the strengthening of the national currency.

Interest rates higher than expected by the market lead to bullish or upward movements. Lower bets - to a downtrend or bearish trend. Given that over 75% of Forex settlements are made in US dollars, changes in interest rates in the United States have a major impact on the entire world currency market.

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