Quotes online, currencies, stocks, real MMVB from the exchange

Quotes online: currencies, stocks, raw materials receives our portal in real time with a slight delay. The exchange rates of exchange offices and the interbank Forex market, the value of securities of Russian companies and foreign corporations, the level of demand for minerals and raw materials - all relevant information is presented on the site.

Experienced exchange traders, a list of which is available in the rating section of brokerage companies, will help buy stocks cheaply and sell on time and expensively. How to correctly evaluate the direction of the trade according to the schedule of the price movement of the pair when the world exchanges are working, why do we need a currency calculator - the answers to these questions are provided by the articles on our site.

Exchange rates to the ruble
The exchange rate of the Russian Federation today on the interbank online forex

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EURRUB Euro to ruble today 86.5359 -1.0595 -1.2095
USDRUB Ruble to dollar exchange rate 78.6912 -0.8097 -1.0185

Commodity Prices
Commodity prices - presented on the portal, show supply and demand on the main exchange platforms of the world.

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Oil (BRENT) Oil rate today 26.88 +0.43 +1.63
Oil (WTI) Oil Prices (WTI) 21.18 +0.66 +3.22
Sugar sugar quotes 12.63 +1.94 +18.15
Gas Gas price 1.719 +1.139 +196.277

This section presents prices for precious metals and various alloys.

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Silver Silver price 14.099 +0.098 +0.700
Palladium Palladium Price 2187.9 -29.10 -1.31
Gold Gold price on the exchange 1615.5 -0.85 -0.05
Platinum Platinum prices 721.1 no data no data
Copper The price of copper on the exchange 2.184 no data no data

Russian stock prices
Rates of Russian stocks, the most interesting for investment and in demand on the Moscow Exchange, are presented on the portal.

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American Exchange (NASDAQ)
Real-time quotes of US stocks from global stock exchanges are presented on our portal.

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Yandex Yandex shares 33.77 -0.11 -0.32
Microsoft Microsoft Corp. 159.68 -0.55 -0.34
APPLE Shares APPLE 254.64 -0.17 -0.07
Toyota Toyota shares 120.94 -4.28 -3.42
Volkswagen Volkswagen stock price 116.36 -0.06 -0.05
Facebook Facebook Stock Price 166.15 +0.20 +0.12
Tesla Tesla Stock Prices 500.44 -1.69 -0.34
Twitter Twitter share price 25.59 0.00 0.00
Hasbro Stock Price Hasbro, Inc. 70 -1.48 -2.07

Exchange rates on the interbank market
The exchange rate on the interbank Forex market is presented on the portal in real time.

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EURUSD Euro to dollar rate 1.09975 -0.00314 -0.28471
AUDUSD Australian dollar to us dollar rate 0.61575 -0.00071 -0.11517
AUDCAD Australian Dollar / Canadian Dollar 0.87285 -0.00131 -0.14986
EURCHF Euro / Swiss Franc 1.05882 +0.00013 +0.01228
EURGBP Euro / Great Britain Pound 0.89404 +0.00245 +0.27479
EURJPY Euro / Japanese Yen 119.283 +0.091 +0.076
GBPJPY Great Britain Pound / Japanese Yen 133.38 -0.280 -0.209
NZDUSD New Zealand Dollar / US Dollar 0.59836 -0.00250 -0.41607
GBPUSD Pound to dollar 1.22969 -0.00714 -0.57728
USDCAD Canadian dollar to us dollar rate 1.41798 -0.00005 -0.00353
USDCHF US Dollar / Swiss Franc 0.96285 +0.00291 +0.30314
USDCNH Chinese Yuan to US Dollar 7.10368 -0.00722 -0.10153
USDJPY Yen to dollar rate 108.474 +0.403 +0.373

Cryptocurrency rate
The cryptocurrency rate on the site is updated several times during the day.

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Bitcoin Bitcoin rate 6442.23 +40.45 +0.63
Litecoin Lightcoin to dollar (LTC / USD) 38.799 -0.162 -0.416
BitcoinCash Bitcoin cache to US dollar rate (BCH / USD) 217.67 -1.570 -0.716
Dash Dash 65.019 -0.959 -1.454
Ripple Ripple 0.17282 +0.00131 +0.76380
Ethereum Ethereum 131.701 +0.481 +0.367
EmerCoin EmerCoin no data no data
NameCoin NameCoin no data no data
Peercoin Peercoin no data no data
Btcrub Bitcoin in rubles 247059 no data no data
BTCEUR Bitcoin to Euro 5842.69 no data no data
Zcash (ZEC) 30.516 -0.003 -0.010
NEO (NEO) 6.6134 +0.0137 +0.2076
EOS (EOS) 2.2145 -0.0186 -0.8343
TRON (TRX) 0.011449 -0.000059 -0.512687
Monero 47.617 +0.856 +1.831
Cardano 0.0289 +0.0002 +0.5777
IOTA 0.14248 +0.00125 +0.88508
ETC / USD Ethereum Classic, ETC 4.9258 -0.0342 -0.6895

Stock indices show the dynamics of changes in the value of shares of enterprises traded on the stock exchange.

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RTS futures RTS Index Futures Rate 118130 +117 171 +12 224
RTS RTS Index Rate 994.1 +35.56 +3.71
DAX30 11541.9 0.00 0.00
Dow 30 Index (DJI) 22266 no data no data
FTSE 7137.7 +1 574.0 +28.3
CAC 40 4444.5 +37.5 +0.9
Nasdaq xnumx 7911 +25.38 +0.32
Russell 2000 1158.7 +0.4 +0.0
S & P 500 2624.25 +2 540.60 +3 037.18
IBEX 35 6808.3 +98.5 +1.5
Nikkei 225 19135 +17 +0
Euro Stoxx 50 2833.8 +46.2 +1.7
S & P / ASX 200 5190.4 no data no data
MIB 17065 no data no data

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Quotes online: currencies, stocks, raw materials

Quotes online: currencies, stocks, raw materials come to our portal directly from world electronic trading platforms. The site presents graphs of changes in the exchange rates of currency pairs, tables with a list of securities and the ratio of world monetary units to the ruble and the US dollar, an archive of quotes of past years, trading articles and a lot of useful information.

You can track in real time: the exchange rate at banks, exchange prices in the Forex market, fluctuations in the exchange rate of Russian and foreign shares, the change in the value of basic commodities in the markets of the planet.

Exchange rate to the ruble

The portal shows how to change exchange rate to the ruble in day trading on the Moscow Exchange. Official quotes from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation are presented as of “for today” and “for tomorrow”. They remain advisory in nature for banking institutions until the next release of information on ruble exchange rates from the Bank of Russia.

Russian stock prices

Russian stock prices leading companies traded in Moscow MICEX exchange onlineare presented on the site. Price charts and archives of past years allow analyzing the supply and forecasting the demand for securities of Russian corporations.

All comers buy stock Gazprom, VTB, Rosneft, Lukoil, Sberbank, Aeroflot and other firms, sections of the portal are sent to the stock exchange MICEX official website - An updated page of the Moscow Exchange.

Commodity Prices

World commodity prices - real-time trading on the stock exchanges of the planet, every second updated in the tables and graphs of the site. Received directly from the trading floors information about the cost of minerals and commodities, appear on the portal one of the first, allowing you to constantly monitor the sales process.

Exchange rates on the interbank market

Exchange rate In the interbank Forex market, it is necessary not only for experienced professional traders, but also for curious beginners who are only taking their first steps in this complex and profitable business.

In the headings of the site you can find information on any topic of electronic commerce currency. Presented graphs and charts, best demonstrate the relevance of knowledge of the technical analysis of price behavior for any trader. The site has currency calculator, which will help you quickly calculate the amount of funds required and the benefits of the transaction.

American Exchange (NASDAQ)

Profitable Prices stock American companies - a rising or falling exchange rate of securities of world trade leaders, it is convenient for an investor to observe in the section on trading on the NASDAQ electronic platform. All news and business information arrives at the portal in real time (with a slight delay) from the three largest US stock exchanges: NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX.

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