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The price of Brent crude oil is currently $ 32.93 per barrel. Today the market opened at 31.97 dollars per barrel, the maximum was fixed at 34.24 dollars per barrel, the minimum for today is 31.76. The change in the value of the oil rate compared to yesterday amounted to 2.95%

Brent crude oil chart and dynamics


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Julia Apel

The downtrend in the oil market is clearly broken. Bulls waited for their rebound after powerful lows that complicated the life of the global economy. Now there is a stage of correction initiated by the current industry leaders - Russia, Saudi Arabia and the USA. Trump puts OPEC + at the negotiating table, seeing that the domestic economy of the countries he needs is already undermined, you can begin to lobby for your interests. By yesterday's tweet, the US president, of course, provokes countries to make the right decisions for him. Russia refuses to decline, if America also does not begin to take steps to stabilize this issue. Will Saudi Arabia take over this time too? On the one hand, it seems that the situation is being harmonized, but OPEC’s negative decision could create an even more powerful drop in oil prices. And no one can exclude this.

Julia Apel

How can one person move markets falling a month? The answer is simple: you have to be the charismatic president of the United States. Donald Tram, in his next tweet, spoke about a possible soon decline in oil production by 10 million barrels per day, which made Brent oil rise by 20%. Of course, the statements made by Saudi Arabia on the urgent convening of an OPEC + meeting helped to discuss the possibility of a new agreement. Trump added that he spoke about these opportunities with Vladimir Putin, and is waiting for this agreement with the opportunity to reduce production later by 15 million barrels. Such news instantly raised oil quotes to $ 35,77. Now the price is adjusted to $ 29. This means that not everything is lost for the markets, there is still hope.


The price of oil continues to be the central point of the market, which affects everything - the currency, the economy, securities, raw materials and so on. While the situation is depressing - the market opens with a gep and tries to correct. Whereas before, they were waiting with horror for $ 25 per barrel of Brent, now $ 20 no longer looks like such a terrible figure. At the same time, the oscillator shows that the current growth to $ 27 is quite a correction, and you can safely expect more than the minimum lows. All the most interesting will begin on April 1, when oil producers begin to produce in full. It is not clear only where they will store the mined and to whom to sell ...

Brent Oil PriceBrent Oil Price
Julia Apel

The price of Brent oil has so far found its bottom at around $ 24.5. Fuh - exhaled by oil investors and residents of oil-producing countries. There has been a lot of negative news in this sector over the past few weeks, the price has updated the lows and seems to have stopped. It seems that the markets have laid all the risks and now $ 30 per barrel is our reality with which to start living. Taking into account all the worries about the quarantine, which is gaining momentum rather than quieting down, oil may repeat an attempt to move to $ 25 and lower, and there may be a sharp upward surge if some kind of agreement arises between the main countries of the sector. So far, we are predicting movements in the range of $ 20-32 to reduce global stress, although technically I want to roll back to the region of $ 32.

Julia Apel

On Monday, the Brent oil market opened with another gep, although small, but significant for the current format of oil prices. The course approached $ 26 per barrel, which is another low. Strict quarantine all over the world, oil wars and uncertainty in investor sentiment put pressure on quotes, and after that indices, stocks and all markets fall at once. It seems that oil is now the starting point: before its recovery, the crisis will gain momentum. And it remains for us to observe who will buy such cheap oil in order to earn money in the growing market.

The price of oilThe price of oil
Julia Apel

Oil prices continue to decline, and oil wars continue. According to SPA, the Saudi Ministry of Energy has instructed Saudi Aramco to offer 12.3 million barrels to the markets. oil per day in the coming months. This is 2,6 million barrels. more than previously suggested under the OPEC + agreement. The state is even ready to supply more oil than it is possible to produce using storage reserves. The decrease in oil demand due to the epidemiological situation in the world also puts pressure on oil quotes, as a result, the Brent rate decreases further, approaching $ 25. It is clear that someone will have time to buy a lot of cheap oil and fill the storage facilities to capacity, then it can be sold at a high price. Is it worth speculatively doing the same? We think so. Especially if you have the opportunity to buy and hold an asset for a period of a year.

The price of oilThe price of oil
Julia Apel

The markets would like to say “stop”, but the oil price continues to fall, reaching $ 27. The oil wars, backed by declining demand due to quarantine around the world, are creating obvious difficulties for bulls and oil-producing countries. It’s hard to say where the stop will be, because I want to start the rollback now, but the situation is only getting worse, checking budgets for durability. Technically, there are no signals for growth or even flat while the world plays the news.

Julia Apel

Brent oil for $ 30, and in the afternoon it was $ 29 - so black gold was not worth a very long time. Countries started this war in a very turbulent time for the world, but probably this makes sense. The oil rate continues to decline, losing another $ 9 per barrel from last Wednesday. In total, in 2020, brent quotes fell by 58% or $ 42 - a very rapid fall, which will certainly affect the global economy. It’s already a little dangerous to sell oil further. the marks are critical, but it’s also unwise to buy - there is no reason for growth. Obviously, in the current conditions, Brent oil will be traded in the region of $ 30-40 per barrel, and you can earn here only by speculation within the day.

Brent oil on quotes chartsBrent oil on quotes charts
Julia Apel

The Brent oil rate behaves today very similar to the ruble exchange rate - there is a new offensive by the bears, who clearly do not intend to give up positions and close the Monday gep. This is understandable, as long as there is no reason for the growth of quotations, the markets are extremely pessimistic, and the one who wanted to bury on the sale of oil did it yesterday. I must say that despite the tragedy of what is happening, $ 35 per barrel looks very good, but this is clearly only the beginning of the oil wars. All the most interesting we have yet to see.

Brent Oil Price TodayBrent Oil Price Today
Julia Apel

After the failed OPEC meeting and Russia's withdrawal from the OPEC + agreement, it falls ... Monday opened with a $ 9 gep (!), Which has every chance of not even closing in the near future. Saudi Arabia clearly does not want to pull the entire market alone and punishes oil-producing countries with its sanctions. Technical analysis in this case is especially not working. It remains to wait for developments on the market.

Brent Oil Price TodayBrent Oil Price Today
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Brent today is one of the most sought-after assets on the exchange. Starting with the fact that this is a reference, black gold marker, which quotes are based on other oil prices, and ending with the fact that the dynamics of fluctuations in the price of a barrel of Brent oil affects all commodity currency pairs on Forex (CAD, RUB, NZD, etc.), prices for goods, including gasoline, etc., as well as many derivatives derivatives on oil exchanges, such as ICE. All Russians see the dynamics of oil prices daily in the news, as The ruble exchange rate depends on the quotes of this main raw material in the country. The sharp fluctuations in the rate of a barrel of Brent oil lead to serious economic and even political changes on the world stage. That is why Brent oil as the main raw material asset today is the engine of trends in various fields and trends on Forex. On the charts of the Brent oil price rate on, you can track the main fluctuations and the reasons for the movements of a given raw material asset for a week, a month or even a year. This will be especially interesting for 2015-2016, when real-time oil prices reached multi-year lows, relying on increased production volumes and the emergence of new players in the market. You can find and analyze the Brent oil chart on this page of the site.

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