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Cryptocurrency rate

Cryptocurrency rate The site is updated several times during the day. Virtual money Bitcoin and Litecoin are in greatest demand both among Internet users and in real business.

Young cryptocurrency bitcoin set a record for popularity in 2013, when in just a month its rate grew from 200 to 1000 US dollars per coin. New cryptocurrencies They appear on the Internet quite often, but Bitcoin remains the most expensive, demanded and popular.

Bitcoin Bitcoin rate 6681.29 -1.070 -0.016
Dash Dash 67.414 -1.228 -1.789
Ripple Ripple 0.17822 -0.00360 -1.97998
Ethereum Ethereum 140.221 +0.971 +0.697
EmerCoin EmerCoin no data no data
NameCoin NameCoin no data no data
Peercoin Peercoin no data no data
Zcash (ZEC) 32.671 -0.488 -1.472
NEO (NEO) 6.9961 -0.1790 -2.4942
EOS (EOS) 2.3233 -0.0421 -1.7798
TRON (TRX) 0.011815 -0.000225 -1.868771
Monero 52.841 -1.412 -2.603
Cardano 0.032493 no data no data
IOTA 0.14821 -0.00158 -1.05481
Litecoin Lightcoin to dollar (LTC / USD) 40.305 -0.562 -1.375
Btcrub Bitcoin in rubles 247059 no data no data
BitcoinCash Bitcoin cache to US dollar rate (BCH / USD) 233.41 -0.200 -0.086
BTCEUR Bitcoin to Euro 6167.28 no data no data
ETC / USD Ethereum Classic, ETC 5.0662 -0.0924 -1.7912

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Cryptocurrency rate, posted on the site - shows the value in US dollars of the so-called "electronic cash". First appeared virtual money in 2009, when Bitcoin was introduced to the world.

This is the first cryptographic currency that has become on the Web a real means of payment with its own exchange rate and not amenable to control by the state. The open source code of virtual money guarantees the transparency and irreversibility of the transaction and payment chain, but the pseudonymity of the system eliminates the need to associate recipient addresses with wallet owners.

The size of the issue of Bitcoin virtual coins is limited by the technical capabilities of existing computers and the complexity of generating (mining) up to 21 million units, in contrast to many analogues of electronic money that appeared later.

New cryptocurrencies have large volumes of output, and some do not limit this amount. The second most popular virtual payment unit Litecoin, which uses Script hashing during generation, has limited the number of coins to 84 million.

Ever-changing course криптовалют due to growing demand and supply, that is, a lot of operations of buying and selling on virtual money exchanges, which are traded 7 days a week for 24 hours.

A huge number - more than 2000 varieties of virtual coins, constantly emerging new electronic means of payment, gave rise to a whole industry of investors, brokers and dealers engaged in speculative operations in this market.

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