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Cryptocurrency exchange rate

Cryptocurrency exchange rates are updated a few times during the day on the website. Virtual money Bitcoin and Litecoin are the most popular among the Internet users and real-world businesses. The young cryptocurrency Bitcoin has set a popularity record in 2013, when in just one month its exchange rate has risen from 200 to 1000 US Dollars for one coin. The new cryptocurrencies appear online quite often, but Bitcoin remains the most expensive and popular.

Bitcoin Bitcoin exchange rate 14530 +4 030.0000 +27.7357
Litecoin Exchange rate of litecoin cryprocurrency 221.97 +65.98000 +29.72474
BitcoinCash 2560.9 +1 052.000 +41.079
Dash 1030.3 +335.77000 +32.58954
Ripple 1.97159 +0.76686 +38.89551
Ethereum 1206.4 +279.55400 +23.17258
EmerCoin 0.00634 -0.19202 -3 028.70662
NameCoin 1.87 -1.655 -88.503
PeerCoin 8.41287 +3.71339 +44.13934

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Cryptocurrency exchange rate presented on the website shows the so-called "electronic cash" price in US Dollars. Virtual money had first appeared in 2009 when Bitcoin was introduced.

This is the first cryptographic currency that became a real online payment system that is beyond government control and has its own exchange rate. Open source virtual money ensures transparency and irreversibility of the transactions and payments. Furthermore, pseudonymity system allows for untrackable exchange of money between the recipients’ addresses and the owners’ wallets.