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Stock indexes

Stock indexes show the changes in dynamics of the prices of company shares that are traded on stocks. The stock indexes are calculated using several conventional methods including a simple arithmetic method, the geometric composite method, and the weighted arithmetic method. Dow Jones is the world's oldest stock market indicator of the US economy. RTS is a popular stock index that is calculated in real time.

Stock market indexes, also called stock indexes are the indicators of changes in the value of a certain amount of shares. Virtually every country in the world has its own methods (according to year's 2013 statistics 2315 stock exchange indexes are used) of presentation, payment, and counting the stocks of shares by a few dozen or a few hundred stock companies.

In fact, it is the dynamics of change of the stock market indexes that is a subject that piques the interest of financial experts from all over the globe, since it shows the current growth trend of the country’s economy through the prices of certain companies that are in the index basket.