Forex trade advisor «Flow»


Advisor Flow is based on Martingale Strategy, designed for trading on price rollbacks that constitutes ca. 20-30% of the trend. The profits are gained when you make trades with an interval of X. Attention! Martingale Strategy is very risky. We recommend you to try the advisor on a demo account before installing it on a real one.

EA Flow
EA Flow

Working indicators:

  • Bollinger bands (to signal for entering the market).
  • Fibonacci levels (to signal for closing the deal).

The author of the advisor is daemonw. For discussion of the robot’s feature please refer to the forum topic.


The advisor «Flow» has been tested on a demo account at Grand Capital Forex broker.

  • Timeframe: M15
  • Currency pairs: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY и NZD/JPY
  • Deposit amount: USD 30,000


Deposit value has doubled for 6M: 42 trades were made, of which 35 were profitable. Lot started from 2 and reached 15 in pikes. Trading is very risky. Closing of a deal is made by take profit or when two deals reach breakeven point. It pressures the deposit value if a trend has no rollbacks.

EA Flow on EUR/USD
EA Flow on EUR/USD

Another currency pairs

Good results in EUR are usually envisages not bad trading in major pairs, but it is not the case with «Flow». Test on GBP/USD:

EA Flow on GBP/USD
EA Flow on GBP/USD

Deposit has been quickly lost on USD/JPY and NZD/JPY.

EA Flow on USD/JPY
EA Flow on USD/JPY


Install the advisor on a demo account with USD 30,000 to EUR/USD currency pair. Do not adjust or manually filter trades. It is interest to test the advisor at night, when the trend with no rollback is less possible.

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