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The exchange rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation for today

Exchange rates of the Central Bank for today determining the official position of the Bank of Russia on the exchange of major currencies, appear on the portal on weekdays. These quotes are not binding, but are a guide for commercial banks to set their own currency prices.

Current rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation for major currencies against the ruble, calculated according to the results of daily exchange trading on the Moscow Exchange MICEX-RTS. Published official exchange rate for today Valid until the following quotes of the Bank of Russia.
USA USD1U.S. dollar77.7325-0.9898
EC EUR1Euro85.7389-0.2259
China CNY1Chinese Yuan10.9611-0.1350
United Kingdom GBP1Pound94.5771+0.7480
Tajikistan TJS10Tajik somoni76.2457-0.8952
Turkey TRY1Turkish lira12.0661-0.08480
Kazakhstan KZT100Kazakhstan tenge17.4278-0.2178
Poland PLN1Polish Zloty18.9301+0.1818
Ukraine UAH10Ukrainian hryvnia27.5213-0.4689
Belarus BYN1Belarusian ruble30.1979-0.2615
Kyrgyzstan KGS100Kyrgyz som97.2264-1.4637
Armenia AMD100Armenian Dram15.7194-0.2002
Uzbekistan UZS10000Uzbek sum81.5430-1.0383
Japan JPY100Japanese Yen71.4027+0.08010
Czech Republic CZK10Czech koruna31.5383+0.2943
Switzerland CHF1Swiss frank80.7191-0.1627
Canada CAD1Canadian Dollar55.2941-0.05840
Azerbaijan AZN1Azerbaijani manat45.9330-0.5849
South Korea KRW1000Won Republic of Korea63.7831-0.3110
Sweden SEK10Swedish krona78.0000-0.09130
Hungary HUF100Hungarian Forint24.2120+0.0006000
Norway NOK10Norwegian Krone73.7766+0.1589
India IN R10Indian Rupee10.3457-0.1005
Australia AUD1Australian dollar47.1448+0.3050
Bulgaria BGN1The Bulgarian Lion43.7979-0.2081
Denmark DKK1Danish krone11.4760-0.04410
Singapore SGD1Singapore Dollar54.2673-0.4428
Romania RON1Romanian leu17.7184-0.08040
Молдова MDL10Moldovan Leu43.0055-0.6685
Brazil BRL1Brazilian real15.4738-0.1612
Туркменистан TMT1New Turkmen manat22.2411-0.2832
XDR1HAPPY BIRTHDAY105.7869-0.6960
South Africa ZAR10South African Rand44.4059-0.5780
Central Bank rate for today, which are presented by our portal - received from the official website of the Bank of Russia. Information on daily quotations of world currencies against the Russian ruble is published five days a week, in accordance with the trading sessions of exchange platforms of different countries.

Bank of Russia courses do not guarantee their implementation and are indicative. They are valid until the following exchange prices. Central Bank Course for the Russian ruble is set based on the results of trading sessions on the Moscow Exchange.

The quotes are taken into account both the opening price - that is, the first exchange transaction and the closing price - of the last transaction, and the daily values ​​of the TOD instrument determining the delivery of currency with immediate payment ..

The official Central Bank rate for today It is published on the state portal and is the basis for commercial banks in calculating their own exchange quotes. Exchange offices and financial institutions that provide individuals and enterprises with services for the purchase and sale of currencies adjust the interbank price up.

The portal has tables with archived quotes showing the past values ​​of quotations of the euro and the US currency on history. Dollar today from commercial structures - different from CBR rate, since it includes the own costs of firms and the planned profit ..

Website charts show the dynamics of daily changes in currency quotes throughout the week, month, quarter or year. Exchange rate archives allow you to analyze the behavior of a currency pair and make an informed decision about buying or selling. The currency calculator available on the portal will help to calculate the amount of money required for a profitable exchange.
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