Russian Stock Index

Index of Russian Stocks that are most appealing for investments and popular on Moscow Exchange are published on this web portal.

The fall of the Russian Ruble Rate in relation to the American currency makes the investors look for more reliable sources of Russian Ruble. The best of which on Moscow Exchange are the stocks of the companies in so-called "Blue Chips": Gazprom, Rosneft, VTB and others.

The growing US Dollar rate increases the inflationary risks for Russian legal entities who buy products from overboard, front-end technology, and supplies of hardware.

Russian Stock Index presented on the web portal is showing the real price, supply, and demand of the Russian companies' stocks. Presented here are the real rates used on trades in Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

Available finance investment by legal entities into Russian companies' stocks that bring income and have high rates in popularity allows avoiding inflationary risks that arise with a rapidly changing Russian Ruble exchange rate.